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Rural Rust


It is sad to see houses 80 to 90 or more years old falling apart due to neglect, you have to think that when a young couple built it, and first moved in, it was their pride and joy. They raised their family, tended the farm, now they are gone their children have that newer house with AC, on the other side of the farm, the grandchildren went to college, never returned, drawn to the “excitement” of the city.

There are many small towns that were once lively centers of agricultural communities that often appear to have disappeared overnight, while others look like they languished for years before they gave up

For over 15 years, I have been photographing abandoned towns, farms, houses, and equipment in rural southern Virginia, the eastern shore, and northern North Carolina, and I thought I would share them here.

I never intentionally photograph occupied homes, I think that’s rude, and I am not trying to shame anyone, but documenting something before it is gone. If you have seen anything here that you know is occupied, please let me know.

I don’t trespass, if I have to shoot from the road, I shoot from the road. I have the lenses and tools to get close enough to enjoy.

rusty gas pump
Jerusalem Plank Rd

Jerusalem Plank Rd

The rustic barn on a farm along Jerusalem Plank Road in Southside, Virginia, was a sight to behold. It had been there for generations...

303 1st St Jarratt VA

303 1st St Jarratt VA

You can tell the 303 1st St. was at one time a grand house, that has come on hard times, like the town it is located in. The...